Middle East Strategic Perspectives

We provide a strategic outlook on Middle Eastern affairs.


Beirut-based Middle East Strategic Perspectives was launched in 2012. We provide political risk consultancy services focusing on strategic sectors in the MENA region.

Our services are operational in nature, designed to facilitate decision-making and offer a better understanding of the continuously evolving geopolitical landscape.

MESP is uniquely positioned to provide a reading grid that allows a better comprehension of the political, social and economic environments. It draws on its in-house expertise and an extensive network in the region to forecast new trends, offer in-depth analysis and strategic consultancy, to anticipate and control the risks inherent to the business environment.

Geopolitical Risk

We draw on our combined expertise and an explicitly pragmatic approach to offer a unique understanding of the regional dynamics affecting your business.​

Business Intelligence

We put our analytical skills to work to treat information and transform raw data into actionable intelligence giving you solid basis to make an informed decision. ​

Strategic Monitoring

We offer a round-the-clock scanning of your environment to provide you with a strategic advantage over your competitors, and to anticipate and manage risks.

Business Diplomacy

We help you devise a strategy to manage interactions with government and non-government stakeholders to seize new opportunities, minimize political risks, prevent potential conflicts and safeguard your image.

“If you can see only what light reveals and hear only what sound announces, then in truth you do not see nor do you hear.” Gibran Khalil Gibran

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