The new Israeli cabinet: What impact on energy policy?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formed his government on 06/05, with the slimmest of majorities (61 MKs out of a total of 120). His cabinet was sworn in on 14/05. The Energy portfolio went to Yuval Steinitz, a member of the Likud, and former Minister of Strategic and Intelligence Affairs (2013-2015), and Minister of Finance (2009-2013).

Steinitz’ primary task will be to put the gas sector back on track. He is well on his way to settle the dispute between the government and gas companies. Officials at the Prime Minister Office, and the Finance and Energy ministries formulated a new monopoly compromise and submitted it to Noble Energy and Delek on 12/05. The plan was strongly rejected by the Head of Israel’s Antitrust Authority, David Gilo, who announced on 25/05 that he will be stepping down at the end of August.

To help him in his tasks at the Ministry, Steinitz called up an old acquaintance to advise him on energy-related issues: Eytan Sheshinski.

Eytan Sheshinski

One of Israel’s most renowned economists, Eytan Sheshinski has shaped the Israeli gas sector. In April 2010, then-Minister of Finance Yuval Steinitz appointed him as head of a committee in charge of reviewing the sector’s fiscal policy […].

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