The Energy Landscape in the Eastern Mediterranean

The following is part of a presentation given at the British Parliament by MESP co-founder Mona Sukkarieh, on January 21st, 2016.

It’s been a while the Eastern Mediterranean has not received the attention it’s been receiving in the past few years. Above sea level, security, illegal immigration, terrorism, and conflicts are contributing to this renewed attention. Below the sea floor, a relatively important oil and gas potential has attracted a new kind of interest, the region – outside of Egypt and Syria – was not used to.

EastMed Energy Landscape

The discovery of relatively important gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean adds an additional layer of complexity to an already complex and troubled region, with profound impact, not only on these countries’ economy and energy needs, but also on regional dynamics.

The presentation, entitled “The Energy Landscape in the Eastern Mediterranean” examines how the countries of the region (Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Syria) are dealing with the challenges – not just opportunities – presented by these relatively important gas discoveries, and the main characteristics that have defined these resources so far. The event was organized by the Henry Jackson Society and chaired by MP Glyn Davies.

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