Lebanon approves missing oil & gas decrees

Lebanon’s first licensing round for offshore hydrocarbon exploration is back on track. In its first session since it gained confidence, the government signaled its determination to move forward by approving on January 4 two decrees that are essential for pursuing …

Lebanon: The Oil & Gas Report, May 05, 2014

Will the current political deadlock discourage international companies and partners?

The Presidential election, although far from reaching a decisive stage, is dominating the local political agenda. President Slaiman’s term will expire in May 25 and there are serious doubts a …

Lebanon: The Oil & Gas Report, March 10, 2014

Edison seeking to acquire Israeli gas fields Tanin and Karish near Lebanese border?

Italian company Edison, one of the 46 companies shortlisted for Lebanon’s first licensing round (as non-operator), is reportedly negotiating a possible acquisition of two gas fields off …

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