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MESP is a political risk consultancy. We provide companies, public sector institutions and other stakeholders interested in the emerging oil and gas sector in Lebanon and the wider Eastern Mediterranean with the strategic insight needed to give them a competitive advantage in a complex and continuously evolving environment.

The objective of this section is to offer a preliminary insight into our analysis. We also use this platform to help set the framework for a rational and reliable debate on oil & gas in a country, and a region, that is finding it difficult to manage expectations and is struggling to develop an accurate reading grid.

Saad Hariri puis Michel Aoun à l’Elysée: que peut faire Emmanuel Macron pour le Liban et pour la France?

Publié dans le numéro 8 de la LettreM, 29 août 2017.

LettreM • Numéro 8 • 29 août 2017

Deux visites essentielles pour redynamiser les relations franco-libanaises, après un passage à vide : celle du Premier ministre Saad Hariri à …

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