Increased Interest for Drones in the Middle East

By Fadi Assaf.

In the fight against al-Qaeda in Yemen, seemingly intensifying since recent political arrangements were imposed under direct American supervision, it was announced that drones were massively used by U.S. forces. These American unmanned aerial vehicles also played …

FLASH: F-15 Misfortunes in the Gulf

The Pentagon announced the crash of an American F-15 fighter jet during a training mission in the United Arab Emirates, a potential buyer. Both pilots managed to eject safely from the aircraft.

A few days earlier, the Saudi Ministry of …

Moyen-Orient: intérêt accru pour les drones

Par Fadi Assaf. Rédigé le 2 Mai 2012.

Dans leur combat contre al-Qaëda au Yémen, combat qui semble s’intensifier depuis les récents arrangements politiques imposés sous une supervision américaine directe, on annonce un emploi massif de drones par les forces …

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