FLASH: Lebanon: International Conference on Support to LAF

Concluding Statement of International Conference on Support to Lebanese Armed Forces
ROME, 17 June 2014

1.    Participants thanked the Government of Italy for hosting the Ministerial Conference on International Support for the Lebanese Armed Forces under the auspices of United …

Lebanon: The Oil & Gas Week, October 28, 2013

Lebanon – Local politics:

The political debate around oil and gas seems to have subsided a little, owing less to a convergence in points of view than to a receding number of public declarations.

The major point of contention, related …

Lebanon: Who will Protect Offshore Gas Fields?

Fadi Assaf.

The discovery of offshore gas in the eastern Mediterranean basin has undoubtedly become part of economic stakes in the region, stirring local, regional and international envy, and further complicating an already complex geopolitical map. Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Syria …

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